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Having trouble getting beyond your fears and stepping out onto the road? Then this post is for you.

I cannot count the number of times people – particularly women – ask me about my backpacking adventures and declare, “I wish I could do that, but I’m too scared/anxious/single/frugal.”

And I completely relate to this. When I said that I wanted to travel South America by myself, a significant number of people thought that I was either utterly insane or downright stupid. People genuinely thought that the only way I could travel somewhere like Brazil was to go either with a boyfriend or a group of friends. I am also someone who is very cautious with money, and who suffers with anxiety. I don’t come from money and my parents didn’t pay for my trip – I had barely been on holiday abroad, let alone visited exotic locations and embarked on long-haul flights. All of this meant that travelling seemed like an impossibility.

But you know what? I went. I saw. I conquered.

And I was fine.

In fact, backpacking changed my life in so many spectacular ways that I was more than fine – I was fantastic.

So, want some quick inspirational points as to why you need to stop putting your travel dreams and go for it? Read on:

1. I hear, “I wish I had gone travelling” so many times. But I have never heard anyone say, “I wish I had never gone travelling – it was a complete waste of time.” Have you? Nope, didn’t think so.

2. Self-esteem. Once upon a time, an ex of mine declared that I would never travel by myself because I wasn’t capable of looking after myself in a foreign country; that I would be overcome by my anxiety within five minutes. And I kinda believed him. However, after eight countries + years of hitchhiking, trekking and travelling solo, I know in my bones just how damn capable and independent I am.

There is nothing in this world that I cannot do or accomplish if I set my mind to it.”

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How much should you plan for your travels?


Answer in short? As little as possible…no matter what anxieties you possess or how little time you have in your destination.

Despite travelling for more than a year now, I can still get myself in a twist when it comes to travel planning: What if I miss an amazing place?; What do I pack?; Is there anything I need to book in advance?

The night before my departure I will wonder why I did not think to create a list, consult endless books and maybe even create a spreadsheet.

However, the minute I get back on the road with my backpack, I quickly realise just how unfounded most of those fears were and I soon feel grateful for my lack of planning.


What do I plan before I travel?

I skim-read a travel guide and talk to friends to feel out which places I may want to see. I have a quick Google of good places to visit and check if I need to book anything in advance. I read some travel blogs. I make sure I have enough money. I book my first bus/plane/train out. I pack the night before.

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