The temptation to crash diet is REAL! | Getting Back On Track Series, Chapter 3

The temptation to crash diet is real


In February I began to realise the truth about my binge eating and my poor relationship with food. Since then I have been trying to think of ways to improve this relationship and getting my head into a healthier place.

Avoiding crash diets is actually hard

I know, I know…I’m supposed to say that I love taking life in the slow lane and gradually changing my habits, and that I love my body so much more because I’m no longer punishing it with extreme dieting.

But you know what? I don’t. I don’t love my body more and I’m not enjoying this sustainable approach.

And here’s why:

It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results quickly.

I know I’m not alone in this because otherwise detox teas and waist trainers wouldn’t be all the rage right now.

I’m changing my habits gradually as I feel this will help them to become ingrained, as opposed to something I stick to for a mere five minutes. On an intellectual level, I understand how important this is and know that I will hate my crash diet within a matter of days. However, on an emotional level, when you don’t like what you see in the mirror and want to change your body as quickly as possible, it is hard to stick to the healthier-but-slower route.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results quickly”

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The truth about my binge eating | Getting Back On Track Series, Chapter 2

Photo credit: Bethany Newman

At the beginning of February, I made a pledge to change my relationship with food over the course of 2016.

For once I made no plans to lose ten pounds or to build my glutes to bikini model proportions.

Instead, I chose to spend February quietly observing, with as little judgment as possible, my eating habits.

And what I discovered actually shocked me:

I am an emotional binge eater

Which I have never seen myself as before, but I  am. I am the Queen of Dairy rolling around in clotted cream.

Most days I will eat somewhere between 2000 and 3000 calories composed mostly of dairy and refined carbohydrates. The days when I am sad or stressed, I’m at 3000 calories and beyond.

One day included: chocolate for breakfast, biscuits for a mid-morning snack, cheese toasty for lunch, two scones complete with clotted cream and jam, an apple (winning), hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, more biscuits, vegetarian curry for dinner, and cake for dessert.

Much of the time I feel nauseous and bloated, and I don’t like what I see in the mirror.

I also noted that the days when I had food prepped, my binging was kept to a minimum.

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What are you living your life by and is it serving you? | Who or what is your “Higher Power”?

Photo Credit: Zain Bhatti // Unsplash

Photo Credit: Zain Bhatti // Unsplash

Now, I use the term ‘higher power’ because I’m not necessarily talking about God or any kind of religious concept – for many people their higher power is spiritual, but for others it might well not be.

I’m talking about that ‘Thing’ or idea that you live your life by and aspire to. It’s what brings you sanity on the days when you just can’t quite think straight. It’s what helps you to determine the path of your life and the choices that you make. It could be a god; it could be the universe; it could be Society; it could be a philosophy; it could be a particular set of values or principles; it could be food and calories; it could be humankind; it could be drugs or alcohol; it could be sex and sexual validation.

The concept of having a higher power outside of religion occurred to me after I spoke to a lady who had just gotten out of an abusive relationship:

“I made him my higher power,” she told me, shaking her head. “My whole life revolved around him and how I could make him happy. If I ever had a decision to make, I would go by his opinion. If he told me I was rubbish, I believed him. If he told me I was beautiful, I believed him. I didn’t have God – I had my boyfriend.”

This got me a-thinking about what I my higher power is and also what it is for other people in my life.

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Starting a new fitness journey | Getting Back On Track Series, Chapter 1

Photo Credit: Glen Carrie //Unsplash

Photo Credit: Glen Carrie //Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I introduced my brand new Getting Back On Track Series for the lifestyle section of this blog, and today I am kicking it off by describing my starting point, what my goals are and how I am going to go about achieving them.

Weight and progress

I have made a decision that I am no longer going to weigh myself. I have never owned any scales and my parents have always discouraged me from weighing myself, but since my teens I have been concerned with how many stones and pounds come up when I step on.

Now, let me begin this by telling you that I do not think that I am fat or obese (I prefer the word ‘fluffy’ when describing my stomach area!) However, I’m not particularly thin or lean, and I comfort eat a lot and I don’t treat my body well.

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Getting Back On Track for 2016! | Creating a sustainable & healthy lifestyle

Getting Back On Track Series

A couple of weeks ago I featured some ideas and links to amazing blogs to help get you motivated for the new year, and this week I am bringing my brand new series, ‘Getting Back On Track‘.

I have been out of the gym since November 2015 due to injuries, and I have been comfort eating and binge eating to the extreme. My muscle definition has gone, my cellulite is back, and I have been suffering all kinds of aches and pains in my joints. My skin is breaking out, and I haven’t been in the best of moods much of the time (not sure how people do without endorphins long-term!)

In short, I’ve been failing to look after myself, and not really sticking to my New Year’s goals.

So, now that February has begun and the dust from all the January excitement has settled, I thought that now would be a good time to amp up the lifestyle section of this blog with a brand new series!

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