Byron Bay Nomads – Review


Photo taken from Nomads Byron Bay website


Situated in the very centre of Byron Bay, this modern Nomads hostel sits right beside the well-priced supermarket, Aldi, and is only a five minute walk away from the beach. The hostel is clean and well-equipped, and even comes with hot tubs and hammocks. If you want to party and/or are looking to spend time with British backpackers, then this is the hostel for you. However, if you want to do more than drink and are looking for a more diverse experience, then Byron Bay Nomads may fail to meet your expectations.

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Getting fit in Byron Bay! (The free Byron Bay Fitness Trails Circuit)

1. Start trail

Tired of feeling sluggish and constrained by a classic backpacker budget, my boyfriend and I started looking on the internet for free activities in the Byron Bay area.

We stumbled across what is called the Byron Bay Fitness Trails Circuit – a series of fitness stations running along the bay starting from Captain Cooks car park and ending at iconic Cape Byron Headland. You can either walk in between the stations or jog – it’s up to you!

The only criticisms that I had of the circuit was that some of the information provided on the boards was not factually correct (for instance, the muscles targeted by each exercise) and the fact that it was not always clear as to where you were supposed to go next (my boyfriend and I ended up wondering through a holiday park for a while!).

However, we had a fun couple of hours doing pull ups, jogging and koala spotting! It’s also a great way to tie in seeing the lighthouse and the headland – plus, jogging up the hill to the lighthouse at the end is killer so it’s a perfect way to finish your workout!

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Cat Cafe Melbourne – A Review


Having seen pictures of the original cat café in Japan and Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, I envisioned spending a relaxing hour sipping a cup of coffee at a small table surrounded by a dozen of my favourite feline friends.

The cat cafés already in existence are bizarre and incredible: cute chairs and coffee tablescats jumping onto every available surface while waitresses serve food and drink, and numerous spaces for people to enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee with a beautiful cat beside them.

Basically, it’s all about the weirdness of being in a café filled with cats, and it’s this gimmick that gets the tourists and the cat fanatics in.

Unfortunately, by branding themselves under this same legendary “cat café” label, Melbourne’s version fell a little short of expectations.

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Skenes Creek Caravan Park Review (Second Year Working Holiday Farm Work)



Travellers living and working in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa are required to complete 88 days farm work in exchange for their second year visa. We began completing our 88 days at Skenes Creek Caravan Park, near the town of Apollo Bay in Victoria.


After speaking to a wide array of locals in the town of Apollo Bay, it has become apparent that a high number of backpackers have left Skenes Creek Caravan Park in a cloud of misery. Stories of poor living conditions, inedible food, emotional abuse and unsigned visa forms are well-circulated across the small town.

I am not too sure why no one has not yet posted anything online to warn other backpackers, but given all that I have heard and experienced, I have decided that it’s about time that someone wrote the truth about so-called “farm” work at Skenes Creek Caravan Park.

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