Skenes Creek Caravan Park Review (Second Year Working Holiday Farm Work)



Travellers living and working in Australia on the Working Holiday Visa are required to complete 88 days farm work in exchange for their second year visa. We began completing our 88 days at Skenes Creek Caravan Park, near the town of Apollo Bay in Victoria.


After speaking to a wide array of locals in the town of Apollo Bay, it has become apparent that a high number of backpackers have left Skenes Creek Caravan Park in a cloud of misery. Stories of poor living conditions, inedible food, emotional abuse and unsigned visa forms are well-circulated across the small town.

I am not too sure why no one has not yet posted anything online to warn other backpackers, but given all that I have heard and experienced, I have decided that it’s about time that someone wrote the truth about so-called “farm” work at Skenes Creek Caravan Park.

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