Gymshark Leggings Review

I have thus far bought 4 pairs of the women’s Gymshark leggings:

Like many fitness goers, I discovered Gymshark via my favourite YouTubers, and I quickly fell in love with the company’s branding and pricing. Whilst I do love my ambition leggings and the quality of the flex leggings, I have mixed feelings about my experience of Gymshark as there are some issues with sizing.

Most of the reviews that I read prior to purchasing were made either by the athletes sponsored by Gymshark, or they were by women with slightly smaller waist/hip measurements than myself who were comfortably wearing the size small.

As such I have written a detailed and comprehensive review of each of the leggings, including notes on quality and sizing.

I am somewhere between a size small and a size medium in Gymshark leggings.

For reference:

  • I am a size 10 in UK jeans
  • I generally wear a size small in most sportswear ranges
  • I currently have a 28 inch waist and 34 inch hips. However, when I purchased my first two pairs of Gymshark leggings, both size small, my waist was 26-27 inches and my hips were around 32 inches.
  • I opt for a 29-30 inch leg length when buying jeans.

Form Running Compression Leggings

form running compression leggings gymshark womens

The waistband on the compression leggings began to stretch and warp after only a couple of washes

The waistband on the compression leggings began to stretch and warp after only a couple of washes

The minute I put on the black form running compression leggings, I fell in love with the way that they made my body look: they’re simple and flattering, and ideal for someone just beginning their fitness journey. The fabric is also much thicker, tighter and sturdier than generic black fashion leggings.

However, they do go see-through when you squat (as demonstrated in the picture above!) If you are comfortable wearing a thong, or if you wear black underwear, and you workout in a relatively dark gym, you can kind of/sort of/maybe/not really get away with it. Otherwise you should only wear them for an upper body workout or running.

Another small issue is that the waistband does begin to look a little tatty, old and stretched at the seam after only a few workouts as it’s a basic elastic. Obviously, the thinner you are, the less this will happen as you will be putting less pressure on it!

If you are a size 8-10, definitely buy the size small. Based on my experience with the flex leggings (see further down the post), if you are 10-12 the size small will most likely give you a muffin top and I cannot promise that the medium will fit.

Ambition Leggings

Ambition leggings in size medium

Ambition leggings in size medium

size small amition leggings_Gymshark womens

The waistbands on the ambition leggs have begun to fray and warp slightly

The waistbands on the ambition leggs have begun to fray and warp slightly

These are the leggings to wear if you want to emphasize your lower body gains. As the fabric stretches, it gets lighter, thus highlighting your calves, quads and butt.

This also makes them a great source of motivation because the more gains you make, the more the fabric will stretch and highlight those gains.

The fabric is thinner than the other leggings, so make sure you have seamless panties or a thong on.

My biggest criticism of the ambition leggings is that they run on the small size in comparison to the compression leggings. I found that the size medium fits much more comfortably (especially when my glutes are bigger!) If you’re a UK size 8, buy them in small. If you’re more of a UK size 10, it’s probably worth buying a size medium.

A second and smaller criticism is that, like the compression leggings, the waist band stretches, frays and warps a little. This occurred even on the pair in size medium which fits very comfortably on my hips.

Despite this, however, the ambition leggings are definitely my favourite and I absolutely love them!

Grey Flex Leggings

Grey Flex leggings in size medium

Grey Flex leggings in size medium

Size medium in the Flex leggings is incredibly long in leg length and uncomfortable

Size medium in the Flex leggings is incredibly long in leg length and uncomfortable

If you are looking for a pair of simple, warm and comfortable gym leggings then these are the ones to buy! The fabric is thick and soft, and is ideal for both the gym and running outside (you definitely don’t need to worry about them going see-through.) Moreover, the seam of the waistband is also covered by a small logo so any warping of the elastic shouldn’t be so noticeable.

I think these leggings are amazing both in terms of aesthetic and quality, but unfortunately the sizing is poor and mine do not fit me at all.

I bought the flex leggings in a size medium. This was because I felt like the size small in both the compression leggings and the ambition leggings were a little tight on the hips, and because the size medium in the ambition leggings fits perfectly.

However, the size medium flex leggings are absolutely huge and not at all suitable for someone sized 10-12. I would argue that the hips and bum would better fit someone who wears 12-14, and who has 32 inch+ legs. As soon as I went to work out and the fabric softened up, the waist slackened and kept slipping down. The patches behind the knees fell down past my calves – even when hoisted up into place, the leggings were baggy around the knees. The leg length on these is technically extra-long.

This makes me wonder about how good Gymshark are for women above a size 8-10: women with larger waist/hip measurements may find that their hips and bum will be a size medium or above, but their leg length will be a small.

I would actually love to know what women above a size small make of Gymshark leggings. Please leave a comment below if you or anyone you know has any advice. Women don’t – and shouldn’t – come in only one size!


Compared to Nike and high-end gym clothing brands such as LuLu Lemon, Gymshark is very affordable. The form running compression leggings are the cheapest at £22.99. All of the other designs are £24.99.

Gymshark frequently run discounts and sales – you can receive notification of these sales by signing up to their newsletter. I purchased two pairs of leggings in the Black Friday sale for a grand total of £30.98 (plus £2.99 postage and packaging). Gymshark’s atheletes such as Jazmine Garcia and Nikki Blacketter also have 10% discount codes, which can be found on their YouTube channels.

International postage

I bought my first pair of ambition leggings when I was in Australia. The p&p cost me an arm and a leg, and they took around 4 weeks to reach me.

Despite the fact that they didn’t fit me, I decided not to return them – if I had done, it would have taken at least a week for them to reach Gymshark and another 4 weeks for the replacement pair to get back to me. That would have been a whopping 2 months from the initial order, and I just didn’t have the time or the money. (This is pretty standard for those living in places like Oz and NZ, but it’s still worth mentioning!)

Should you buy?


The ambition leggings in the pink colour are my favourites because they are unique, and I haven’t seen other brands create anything remotely similar or as flattering. However, the flex leggings are probably your safest bet in terms of comfortability and wearability. Just remember that the ambition range runs on the small side, and do consider the lengthy wait (plus the cost of p&p) if you live in Oz.

I also love Gymshark’s marketing, ethos and athletes, and it’s great to support a UK-based company that is challenging bigger brands like Nike with super competitive prices and form-fitting designs. Gymshark’s women’s range is still relatively new compared to the men’s, and I am sure that the future lines are only going to get better as they receive more feedback, so keep watching this space.




PS. Have you ever tried any Gymshark clothes? Do you have a favourite item that you’d recommend? Leave a comment below!


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