Getting Back On Track for 2016! | Creating a sustainable & healthy lifestyle

Getting Back On Track Series

A couple of weeks ago I featured some ideas and links to amazing blogs to help get you motivated for the new year, and this week I am bringing my brand new series, ‘Getting Back On Track‘.

I have been out of the gym since November 2015 due to injuries, and I have been comfort eating and binge eating to the extreme. My muscle definition has gone, my cellulite is back, and I have been suffering all kinds of aches and pains in my joints. My skin is breaking out, and I haven’t been in the best of moods much of the time (not sure how people do without endorphins long-term!)

In short, I’ve been failing to look after myself, and not really sticking to my New Year’s goals.

So, now that February has begun and the dust from all the January excitement has settled, I thought that now would be a good time to amp up the lifestyle section of this blog with a brand new series!

What will the series entail?

‘Getting Back On Track’ is going to be a series that will follow my health and fitness journey over the course of 2016.

I am an average twenty-something year old woman – I’m not a qualified fitness instructor or a bikini model. I want to hold myself accountable and to offer an honest progress report, showing the good, the bad and the ugly.

The goals of this series are three-fold:

  1. Create a sustainable lifestyle. Like most women out there, I am trying to strike a balance between my wanting to look like a Victoria Secret Model all year round and creating a realistic sustainable lifestyle.
  2. Focus on mental health as much I do about aesthetics. I want my fitness journey to be about self-love, not just looking good. I believe the key to keeping weight gain at bay and enjoying fitness is to look at healthy eating and exercise as acts of self-love, rather than as instruments of punishment and restriction.
  3. Slim down and build muscle. I adore weightlifting and getting stronger in the gym, and I want my body to reflect my hard work.

What themes will the series cover?

  • Creating a sustainable healthy diet that does not involve me calorie and macro counting forever more (I’ll be posting grocery lists and food plans)
  • Getting back into the gym and weightlifting + looking at other forms of exercise such as Zumba and hiking
  • Focussing on the link between fitness and mental health.
  • Looking at my progress, both mentally and physically by offering updates on my blog and social media

How can you be involved?

  • Read my fitness posts every Friday here on Deborah Bazeley Wanderlust
  • Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for progress updates and pictures
  • Tag me or use the hashtag #GBOT16. Whether it’s an amazing meal that you’ve made, a progress picture, or a blog post you’ve written, I would love to share your stories and pictures on my blog and social media

My first post will be an honest and frank revealing of my starting point, why I haven’t been going to the gym, and some awkward/embarrassing progress pictures.

Let’s motivate one another and make 2016 the year we get our mental and physical health on the right track!



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