Getting fit in Byron Bay! (The free Byron Bay Fitness Trails Circuit)

1. Start trail

Tired of feeling sluggish and constrained by a classic backpacker budget, my boyfriend and I started looking on the internet for free activities in the Byron Bay area.

We stumbled across what is called the Byron Bay Fitness Trails Circuit – a series of fitness stations running along the bay starting from Captain Cooks car park and ending at iconic Cape Byron Headland. You can either walk in between the stations or jog – it’s up to you!

The only criticisms that I had of the circuit was that some of the information provided on the boards was not factually correct (for instance, the muscles targeted by each exercise) and the fact that it was not always clear as to where you were supposed to go next (my boyfriend and I ended up wondering through a holiday park for a while!).

However, we had a fun couple of hours doing pull ups, jogging and koala spotting! It’s also a great way to tie in seeing the lighthouse and the headland – plus, jogging up the hill to the lighthouse at the end is killer so it’s a perfect way to finish your workout!

The trail starts at Captain Cooks car park with some easy stretches before you follow the road. Once you’ve passed the awesome sea views, you take a left into a wooded area where there are further signs for the next fitness station.

2. Stretching instructions

3. Stretching_DeborahBazeley

Joining the fellow tourists for a moment to take pictures of this stunning view of the bay

Joining the fellow tourists for a moment to take pictures of this stunning view of the bay

The next station is comprised of some step ups – perfect for a glute workout! If you are struggling to balance, just hold onto the adjacent wooden post.

5. Step-up_DeborahBazeley

6. Step-up_DeborahBazeley

Once you’ve finished, take a scenic walk or jog down through the woods and across a road until you reach the next fitness station. This one consists of push ups, sit ups and a balancing beam.

7. Push Up_Deborahbazeley

8. Sit Up_Deborah Bazeley

9. Balance_DeborahBazeley

After this, you follow the coastal path towards the lighthouse (don’t take the trail to your right) and take in some more incredible ocean views.

Can you spot the surfer?

Can you spot the surfer?

Eventually, you will come to a couple of pull up bars. I did 5 unassisted and then 10 more assisted by my boyfriend (only a few months that before I couldn’t even do one!)

11. Pull Up_DeborahBazeley

The final stretch ends with a dip bench – the movement felt slightly awkward compared to standard bench dips, but it still hit the triceps nicely.

13. SeatedDip_DeborahBazeley

12. Koala_DeborahBazeley

A lost and confused koala got himself stuck in a palm tree – the locals were puzzled as to how he got there and we tourists snapped some obligatory “Koala in Oz” pics

All in all, it wasn’t bad for a free morning workout! Highly recommend it to anyone who fancies a change from a standard walk or morning jog.


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