Everyday Wanderlust: Thanksgiving Gratitude (Week 8)

Everyday Wamderlust - week 8

All week long my blog and social media feeds have been bursting with words of thanks and gratitude in celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Whilst others across the globe bedded down in blankets and scarves, toasting beside fires, and nursing pumpkin spiced lattes, I was sat in the afternoon sun with a beer wearing my favourite jean shorts.

I have had a busy week and have been exploring my new city (Melbourne!)

Without further ado, here is my list of weekly love:

  • I have fallen in love with Sally Hope’s website. Filled with positivity, it is guaranteed to brighten your day. Make sure you follow her on Facebook!
  • I had a great time wondering through Melbourne’s outdoor Noodle Market this weekend. It was craaaazy busy though so I didn’t stop to eat, but it was worth going just to see it. Amazing smells, huge crowds, a great atmosphere and plenty of laughter. This is what cities are about:

Melbourne Noodle Market 1

  • The new Star Wars trailer. I am a Star Wars freak (I celebrate May 4th every year) and I cannot WAIT for this movie.
  • Dr Who. I have been re-watching the modern Dr Who series from the beginning. That’s right, all the way back to Christopher Eccleston. I cannot tell you how much I love this show and how excited I am to witness how the Doctor’s character developing over the next series. (Plus, will Clara be pregnant??!!)
  • Honeycomb ice cream. I have consumed tubs – literally tubs – of the delicious sugary goodness.
  • My new Sally Hanson Hard as Nails Extreme Wear nail varnish in the colour 170 Hot Tarmale. A vibrant orange-red colour, it’s the perfect shade for the Aussie summer time. LOVE it!
  • Manicare’s coconut scented Nail Polish Remover Pads. I never experienced scented nail polish remover in the UK, but fortunately Australia has brought this wonder into my world.

Sally Hanson nail polish

  • Meeting with old friends. One of my friends from New Zealand has finally landed in Melbourne. All too often when your travel buddies leave town you never see them again, so I am hugely grateful to get to see my German pal again.
  • Melbourne’s inner city Christmas decorations! From the light projections on Melbourne Town Hall to the Christmas Square, Melbourne is becoming more than a little festive (if you can forget this weekend’s extreme heat for just a moment!) This is a (grainy) picture of me chilling with Baby J at the nativity scene:

Nativity scene

Christmas Lights - Melbourne

  • Air conditioning. Oh, lord…British people don’t know what they’re complaining about. I have been melting all weekend and I can only say that staying south for the summer is the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m not sure my British body temperature system could hack the heat further north!
  • Skype calls home. I managed to squeeze in a Skype call with my brother and it was amazing to hear his voice. I forget just how alike we sound, both in our tones of voice and mannerisms.
  • Cider. I don’t know why, but beer seems to make me feel very sick and queasy lately, even if it’s only a pint. (Does anyone have any idea why this is?!) Being able to enjoy a cool refreshing glass of cider on a hot day is amazing.

Cider in the sun


What has your week been like and how is everyone preparing for Christmas? If anyone has any tips about how they get themselves in the Christmas mood despite thirty degree heat, let me know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.



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