Everyday Wanderlust (Week 5) – 23.07.14


I have returned to the winter wonderland that is Queenstown where I have a new job. Whilst my bank account is looking happier, my 5am starts are leaving my mind and body a little worse for wear.


However, whenever I feel myself begin to slip into sadness or tilt towards tired melancholy, I only have to think for a moment about my future travel plans and my memories of travel adventures past, and suddenly I am ready for the road ahead.

So, centred on the ideas of self-growth and the love of travelling, here is my latest list of everyday happiness and cheer:

Read this excellent article, “How Travel Has Changed My Life”. I relate to pretty much everything that Lauren writes in this article, and it is the perfect example of why I personally love travel.

Remember that you work to live, you don’t live to work. Don’t believe me? Read Microsoft’s rambling redundancy letter to its employees.

Watch this awesome speech by author David Foster, “This is Water”. He speaks of stepping outside of our natural state of being self-centred and living with empathy and sympathy for others. A beautiful and vital sentiment, and one that is only reiterated when you travel.

Take a road trip to anywhere during your free time. GLENORCHY - SELF
My friends and I finished work early and so took the opportunity to embark on a short drive to the neighbouring town, Glenorchy. We took all kinds of awkward photos, posing like tourists, and stalked a Lord of the Rings tour bus.

Post pictures of happy memories on your wall. I finally have my very own bedroom (well, it’s shared, but it’s home), and I have adorned my mirror with photos of my favourite travel moments from around the world. Every time I do my makeup or grab a clean sweater from my drawer, I can’t help but smile – these are pictures of the best year of my life and are a testament to all I have accomplished.

Listen to songs that remind you of your fondest memories. The Killers “Human” takes me back to sitting racked with nerves on the way to Rio.


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