Everyday Wanderlust – Spicing things up! 10.06.14

How to change things up and make the everyday

The seriousness of work can make us all feel a little tired, especially here in New Zealand where winter is setting in. (I write this looking out at grey skies through rain-spattered windows.)

In between blog posts and articles, I have been cheering myself up with various links and everyday moments. This week’s theme is changing things up and making the everyday more exciting. Click away and see where the mood takes you:

Positive desktop backgrounds. I am a firm believer that you should decorate your computers and phones the same way that you decorate your room. I like my tablet to be a positive space that I enter into. Diary of an Essex girl has been posting various desktop backgrounds that she has designed herself lately. Love!

10 Awesome Life Changes. Agree, agree, agree!

Listen to remixes. You know how Adele’s “Someone Like You” gets played over and over and over again? And you know how you used to love it so much but now you just want to rip your hair out every time you hear it, and it’s so sad because it used to sound so good to your ears? Listen to Timeflies version. Breathe and feel the old love coming back.

Not forgetting that Father’s Day is coming up (June 15). Seeing as how I forgot my parent’s 32 year anniversary and my mum’s birthday last month, I figure that I should change things up and remember an occasion for once. Don’t judge me – I usually remember a week before and say “happy birthday” or “congratulations” well in advance because I know that I will forget closer to the time. However, this time, I will remember and send gracious words on the day itself.

Learn something different or new. I have been trying to play “Fifa” thanks to the group of lovely gentlemen that I am currently staying with. And, yes, I suck: the controller vibrates at me for no apparent reason, I can’t shoot a goal, and I can’t seem to work out which of my players is going to move next. What’s worse is that the vibrations of the controller serve no purpose other than to stress me out. Sheesh.

Delete negative people. You know those individuals who never talk to you and only ever comment on your posts to say something negative? Get rid of them. I see my Facebook as an extension of my social life, and in my social life I simply don’t hang around people who don’t support me or have anything nice to say. The answer is simple: “unfriend.”

Drink wine whilst cooking. Cooking may be dull at times (I am a terrible cook!), but you can make it a million times better by drinking wine whilst doing it. If you drink it out of an actual wine glass, all the better.

Try a new scent. Whether it’s a simple body spray or a new shampoo, shake things up and try and something different. Sometimes we can’t wonder through the wonderful spice markets of the Middle East to entice our nostrils, so we must bring the wonderful smells to our own doorsteps.

Exercise. If you’re like me and most people around the Western world, you probably don’t exercise very much. I went for a run this morning and I felt amazing afterwards. I recommend Zumba, running and the Youtube channel Blogalites.

Watch a sport. It is no secret that I don’t like competitive sport very much, but as I am currently staying with a group of New Zealand boys who all love cricket, horse racing, rugby and darts, it’s inevitable that I would have to join in at some stage or forever sit alone at a laptop.

Guess what? All this team spirit/group activity shouting at a screen malarchy ain’t half bad. Join in!

– Change your perspectiveThis video of a talk about marketing is simply amazing. Thing is, the conclusion is nothing new really, but its obviousness stuns even the audience in the auditorium into silence. A must watch for sure!



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