Everyday Wanderlust List – 16.05.2014

WEEK 1 - 16.05.14

Wanderlust is formally described as the urge to travel. It’s the sensation of having itchy feet; the desire to run off and explore something new. When we give in to wanderlust and step onto a plane, we grow and change, whether we intend to or not. We gain a contented happiness and we are brought face to face with different sides of our selves. And all the while we can’t stop marvelling at the world. Because the world is amazing. And consequently, our lives can be amazing…if we look for the extraordinary in the everyday.

Our lives can be amazing…if we look for the extraordinary in the everyday.

Wanderlust shouldn’t only begin and end with the road, it should be with you your whole life. We must cultivate it wherever we are in the world and whatever our situation. We should never pause in exploring the world or the life within it. The minute we stop the urge to grow, to enjoy, to enrich our lives and cease stepping to the beat of a journey, we stop looking after ourselves. The world grows stale. Our minds sink a little.

However, now I understand that even when the physical journey is over, and I am sat at a desk in front of a moniter back in the UK, my wanderlust must continue. My itchy feet should not stop itching just because I am settled. I will reiterate over and over that this blog is not only for the traveller and the expat: it is for everyone. We all must cultivate wanderlust in our everyday lives. Everyday should be an adventure of some kind.

So, in honour of this new endeavour of mine, each week I will post a list of the various sights, objects, thought processes, and internet gems that are bringing me happiness and pulling me along my journey called life and invigorate my wanderlust.


Starting this blog. This space is by no means perfect right now, but I figure that it’s better to start imperfectly than to not start at all. So, here it is, in all its glory. It’s a positive pocket in my life that I want to fill with travel happiness. It’s new to me and fresh and exciting.
Playing with my friends’ cat. I cuddle him to the point that he hates me, but he is too old to put up a decent fight. It’s a win win situation…for me.



Writing. Writing brings me a joy and a peace that I cannot fully express. No matter how bad I feel, when I write I feel good. It’s my therapy.
Hiking. I vow that even when I start working again, I will take the time to hike in New Zealand, because mountains like these are too beautiful to miss. I just completed the Abel Tasman trek and it was a blue-sea-white-sand-wonderland.



Downloading some of my favourite music. I have been listening to Elbow (Grounds for Divorce is one of my favourites). I have listened to the same 2gb of music for almost a year now, so lately I have been downloading songs that I loved and listened to at home.
Reading a novel. When I am working and stressed, I forget my books. I watch Youtube and read blogs but I don’t take the time to dig into a good ol’ book. I am enjoying Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace.
Laughing. Grace Helbig, YouTube’s It’s Grace never fails to cheer me up.
Skyping my best friend. Time differences and busy lives mean my best friend and I don’t really ever talk on Skype, but we had a good long chat the other day and it lifted my whole day up. Always make time for the people you love.
Random encouters. On my Abel Tasman walk I met three lovely ladies on one of the beaches. They plied me with wine and chocolate, and chatted to me for ages. It made an already awesome day a hundred times better…life happens when you step away from the screen.


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